Sally Ann offers group classes and one-to-one sessions in Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. Classes are 60 minutes, and take place in her studio in the New Forest.



mum gyroThe Gyrotonic ® machine has a series of pulleys and weighted resistance to work joints and muscles through their entire range of motion. Gyrotonic ® machine movements are taught on a one to one basis and are similar to the Gyrokinesis ® exercises with the machine providing external support, making it ideal for rehabilitation purposes. The upper body‘s arching and curling movements are performed with circularly moving handles; leg exercises are done with the feet in straps for resistance; abdominal exercises are made more challenging with the use of pulleys.


Gyrokinesis ® is the mat work class of the Gyrotonic system ®. Classes start on a stool with a warm up that eases tight muscles using self-massage, rocking, arching and twisting movements to wake up the spine. A deep rhythmical use of breath facilitates the release of blockages, stimulates the nervous system and boosts overall stamina. Once the body is prepared and warm the class moves onto the floor and the exercises become more dynamic. After a series of stretches the class progresses to the back and abdominal strengthening, adding percussive breathing to provide a more intense workout.



The Pilates technique is a more linear method of body conditioning and keeping fit. The fundamental aspects of this technique are the breath and posture. All effort is placed on the out breath, which leads to a well balanced, poised body and a relaxed mind. Movements are slow, controlled and small allowing weaker muscles to be worked.

While the look and dynamics of the Pilates exercises differ from the Gyrotonic® they share the same fundamental principles and philosophy of strength, flexibility, co-ordination, an alert mind and a heightened sense of wellbeing. Both these methods are suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.



Group Class £12
Single Class £45
5 Classes* £220
10 Classes* £400

(*When paid in advance, and taken within 6 months)